[IAC#RG] Secrecy and corruption in CM Delhi office and zero RTI disclosure
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"Sarbajit Roy" (via indiaresists Mailing List)
2018-03-01 06:39:29 UTC
The Chief Secretary,
Govt. of NCT Delhi

1) The Chief Minister / GNCTD
2) The Lieut Governor Delhi through his Secretary
3) Secretary, Central Information Commission
4) Secretary, Administrative Reforms Department/GNCTD


Respected Sirs / Madam

The INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION *andolan* ("IAC") hereby formally protests
that the complete secrecy and corruption and deliberately created confusion
prevalent in office of Chief Minister of Delhi resulted in IAC's wing "*Delhi
Dialogue Commission*" being served notice / direction by your office to
appear before Central Information Commission on 28.02.2018 as a public
authority, when it is very well known that Delhi Dialogue Commission is the
private COMPLAINANT (since 2016) that the office of Chief Minister is
functioning in secret and corrupt ways in the matter of suo-moto disclosure
of its 17 RTI manuals prescribed u/s 4(1)(b) of RTI Act.

We, the citizens of India / Delhi are amazed to be thus (suo-moto) informed
under RTI, that the Chief Minister of Delhi has no role, no
responsibilities, no procedures, nor rules/ regulations etc to follow, and
all that a Chief Minister of Delhi is to do is sit at his residence and
consult the public from his residence-cum-office, and the public of Delhi
are only to meet the Chief Minister at his residence, and all the senior
officer of GNCTD are expected to be at CM's residence from 9.30 till 12
noon with files and are never available at the Sectt building to attend to
visitors between 10 am to 11 AM as directed.preferably

In these circumsrtances, we the citizens of Delhi demand to know,
preferably *suo moto* under RTI, how a so-called Vice Chairman of GNCTD's
"Delhi Dialogue and Development Committee can strangely bring visitors to
meet CM after 11 AM whenever the CM is in the Sectt and why the officers of
Delhi Govt are often called to attend these private meetings and in what
manner these meeting appointments are being given without CM Office first
complying with the MANDATE of section 4(1)(b)(vii) of RTI Act 2005 which
reads as "*the particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation
with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the
formulation of its policy or implementation thereof;*" and also the next
s/s (viii) "*a statement of the boards, councils, committees and other
bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the
purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards,
councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the
minutes of such meetings are accessible for public;*".

Because, Delhi Dialogue Commission, dutifully appeared *UNDER PROTEST*
before the Secretary CIC on 28.02.2018 and was excused, I am calling upon
the Govt.of Delhi, by its Chief Secretary, to hereby ensure that complete
proactive RTI disclosure is done for all wings and limbs of GNCTD, and that
fraudulent public authorities like "O/o Deputy Chief Minister/GNCTD",
"Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission" etc. are deleted from the RTI
system and correctly treated as attached offices of Chief Minister of Delhi.

Kindly do so *immediately* to assure the citizens that GNCTD is complying
with its statutory and mandatory obligations.


Er. Sarbajit Roy
Delhi Dialogue Commission
B-59 Defence Colony
New Delhi 110024
Tel : 8010205897