[IAC#RG] COMPLAINT of ethical violations in reporting by NDTV
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"Sarbajit Roy" (via indiaresists Mailing List)
2018-04-04 02:13:33 UTC
Ms. Sonia Singh
Editorial Director/NDTV and Head NDTV Ethics Committee

1) Shri Ashim Khurana, Chairman Staff Selection Commission
2) All subscribers of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION jan andolan primary mailing


Dear Ms. Sonia Singh

There is a deafening silence from your organisatioon concerning the
specific complaints we have made to NDTV at all levels concerning
deliberate misreporting by your reporters / anchors on the alleged SSC exam
leakages. Since NCTV seems unwilling to respond or take action promptly, I
am now caused to send a copy of my complaint to Chairman SSC who equally
appears to be a victim of your channel's political vendetta and whose
organisation has responded promptly and in time to my RTI requests for
information on these alleged leakages.

NB: If there is something about the word "immediately" contained in the
"Corrigendum" clause of your organisation's Code of Ethics and Broadcasting
Standards which you do not understand, I would be happy to correct the
deficiency(s) in your education

*Immediately* : at once; instantly.
*Immediately* : without any intervening time or space.

Accordingly, I am again calling upon you to do the following things

1) Issue appropriate corrigenda for the significant mistakes all your news
stories (television and convergence) on alleged SSC CGL exam paper leaks

2) Suspend the reporter Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor for her broadcasts


Sarbajit Roy
subscriber NDTV cable television channels
Ms. Sonia Singh
Editorial Director/NDTV and Head NDTV Ethics Committee
Dear Ms. Singh
I am constrained to complain about the unethical practices being followed
by your channels / news reporters, eg. Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor in
broadcasting biased and one-sided reportage of the Staff Selection
Commission's alleged examination "leaks". Several emails I have sent to
your legal dept, the feedback section etc. about the recent Youthquake and
Yuva Kranti series on this topic have been ignored and no corrigenda are
I am complaining that your aforesaid reporter has crossed the journalistic
"line" by basing her reportage mainly on sources directly linked to three
political parties, ie. CPI(ML), Indian National Congress and Swaraj India
which have been manufacturing, circulating forged and fabricated documents
allegedly depicting remote access softwares (like AMMY, Team Viewer etc)
being used to remotely answer SSC's CGL 2017 examination while the computer
based (online) exam is in progress.
I am complaining that your reporter has chosen, for reasons best known to
her or your channels, to ignore the RTI replies of the Staff Selection
Commission to me which say that the SSC has not conducted / held any
computer based (online) exam in 2016, 2017 or 2018, and that they have no
information of any complaint received for cheating, leakage or other
malpractices in any (alleged) online examination of SSC.
NB: It is noteworthy that the SSC is an attached office of the DoPT (which
also administers the RTI Act 2005) and my RTI queries and the replies
received are easily acccesible to the whole world on DoPT's Rtionline
webportal and certainly to your reporter if she did her job properly /
In this connection, it is not clear to me, or other subscriber viewers of
NDTV like me, what authentic sources your aforesaid reporter Sonal MK is
basing her stories on. However, because your news channel has subscribed to
a self regulatory association which has prescribed a Code of Ethics for its
members, you are obliged to ensure fairness and balance in reportage and
present all points of view on a controversy no matter how much you
personally disagree with that view or the person who holds that view. You
are also required to issue corrigendums to any false reporting.
I am complaining that your reporter had deliberately excited
dissatisfaction against the Central Government based on forged documents
and with the motive to bring SSC aspirants to New Delhi on 31 March 2018
for CPI(ML) and Swaraj India's "Hallabol" premeditated violent agitation to
assault police officers in Delhi and disrupt the city. It is noteworthy
that lakhs of SSC aspirants from all over India taking coaching in Delhi
were very well aware of the violent natrure of this agitation and stayed
away from these protests. Your aforesaid reporter was also sitting in with
these advocates of violence outside Mandir Marg Police Station on 31 March
2018 whiile they were coordinating attacks on police officers and other
public servants utilising foreign social media resources..
Finally, I am suggesting that you have a personal / family conflict of
interest *qua* the Indian National Congress Party, whose spokesperson had
held a press conference on these alleged SSC paper leaks on or about 19
March 2018 where these alleged documents described by your reporter were
circulated, and so should recuse from hearing my complaint.
Sarbajit Roy
National Convenor
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New Delhi 110024
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