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2018-07-30 23:13:55 UTC
We need to be very concerned of the grim fact that in a small State like
Goa there is a huge pendency of cases in all Courts across Goa including
the High Court. This sorry state of affairs is untenable as justice delayed
is justice denied.

While expediting criminal cases there is no reason why civil cases too
should not be fast tracked. It is an irony that property disputes drag on
for decades with the litigants sometimes not seeing justice done in their
life time.

After coming to power in March 2012 Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar had
publicly vowed that it would be the endeveaour of his government to bring
down to half the number of pending Court litigations involving the
government. But nothing seems to have been done in that direction. It was
yet another of his fake promises, something which Goa’s political trickster
and bully Manohar Parrikar has become synonymous with.

It should be the intent of any sensible government to bring down the
enormous escalating government expenditure on litigations which are piling
up on account of government decisions being taken without proper
application of mind. Every government move should be legally sound and
strictly within the framework of law.

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