[IAC#RG] IMPORTANT - Twitter Action #StopGMFood 27thJuly 3pm-6pm ; do join & share
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"Rohit Parakh" (via indiaresists Mailing List)
2018-07-27 05:59:33 UTC
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Twitter Action after more than 20 brands of packaged food were found to
have GM ingredients (from CSE press conference) and being sold freely even
though this is ILLEGAL and even after repeated complaints made to different
govt agencies that are responsible to regulate and act to check illegal
entry of GM foods.


Compulsory Hashtag (on each & every tweet): #StopGMFood

27th July 2018 (Friday)

3pm to 6pm

Intended Targets: @fssaiindia @MoHFW_INDIA @JPNadda @moefcc @drharshvardhan
@sureshpprabhu @dgftindia @PMOIndia

(FSSAI, Health Minister, Environment Ministry and Environment Minister,
Commerce Ministry’s DGFT and Commerce Minister)


27th July 3pm-6pm


Illegal genetically modified food is being sold widely in India for
multiple food products. Centre for Science and Environment (CSE),in a study
published on 26th July 2018, reported that 21 food products out of a total
65 tested had illegal genetically modified ingredients. This means that one
third of what they tested for turned out to be GM, and all of this is being
illegally brought in and sold.

80% of the samples that tested positive were imported (16 of the 21 food
products that were positive for GM presence). 46% of the imported food
products that were tested were positive (35 of the 65 food products tested
were imported foods, and 16 of those were positive for GM presence). Out of
the 30 Indian products tested, 5 had GM presence (17%). 35% of the products
even had their label mentioning GM on the label, when GM presence is
illegal in India as per an FSSAI affidavit in the Supreme Court

Here is the material put out by CSE on its latest research:

https://www.downtoearth.org.in/, https://www.cseindia.org/--8879,
are links to the CSE research on the subject.

Hindi link here

In India, starting from April 1st 2017, GEAC (the apex regulatory body for
gene technologies in India called Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee)
had abdicated its role of regulating GM foods as per Rule 11 of Environment
Protection Act’s 1989 Rules
They did so knowing fully well that there is no one else who will regulate

Meanwhile, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade, which is supposed to
crack down on anyone who is getting GM materials into India, without first
getting approval of GEAC, or without also putting in a declaration that the
consignment contains GM at the time of impor
is keeping mum and passing on its responsibility by simply writing to other
<Loading Image...>.

is the press release put out by the Coalition for a GM-Free India, reacting
to the CSE findings. This is a classic case of the Government of India
actively adopting an anti-citizen policy when it comes to GM foods, and not
just a matter of negligence or apathy any more. What else explains the
failure of so many regulators and ministries together??

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CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), India's leading environment
organisation did a study and found that more than 20 packaged genetically
modified (GM) food products are being sold openly in market to unsuspecting
All of this when the govt itself says it has not approved food products
and no long-term safety assessment on impact of GM Foods has been done. BJP
had promised in 2014 election manifesto that it would not allow such GM
foods. *GM negatively impacts farmers, consumers, climate, children,
trees and wildlife* (with genetically modified trees and animals coming
in!) and displays *institutional corruption* (hence you are receiving
this). If you care about any of these, you should be bothered.
These GM foods sold in market illegally include *infant food*,
canola/cottonseed oil, Kellogg's multigrain cereal, popcorn snacks, tofu
amongst others. Detailed report can be found at end of link below. Remember
complaints have been made to multiple govt bodies earlier but *this time
we must firmly tell the govt not to risk health of our children.*
*To raise voice on this and demand accountability/action from government,
a Pan-India twitter action is being planned on 27th July from 3-6 pm under
hashtag #StopGMFood* More details to be shared shortly. *Please join and
share the word.*
Youtube video of press release here -

Report full document here - http://cdn.cseindia.org/atta
Response from Coalition on GM Free India listing previous complaints made
and all regulatory gaps here -
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