[IAC#RG] EXPOSED : AAP / Manish Sisodia in money laundering racket ?
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Rajinder Dalvi
2018-01-27 03:56:50 UTC
In another major anti-corruption crusade spanning 1 year by INDIA
AGAINST CORRUPTION, it is now most likely that the Rs. 2 crore and Rs.
1 crore "awards" given by AAP Govt. to PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik in
Aug 31 2016 were bogus and used for money laundering to return the 4
cheques of Rs. 50 lakhs (total Rs. 2 crore) which are at the heart of
the financial scam used by AAP for money laundering.

Initially, the Delhi Govt. (after 7 months and 11 followups)
grudgingly replied to IAC's PGMS complaints to evasively say that
these compensations were "approved by the government of Delhi".
Subsequent RTIs revealed that no such approval from the Lieut-Governor
was available, and all that was available was a file noting by Manish
Sisodia, Complaints to the Income Tax Dept by third parties then
revealed that these "award" funds were not reported in the annual
returns of these stars for FY 2016-17.

IAC now apprehends that the pan-India Kolkata based hawala operators
behind this money laundering scheme also did the same trick in other
states like Haryana, where the BJP Khattar Govt in power made similar
awards, to take advantage of tax loopholes of tax free status to such
windfall awards from Olympic Games.