[IAC#RG] India forging ahead inspite of media and politicians
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"Venkatraman Ns" (via indiaresists Mailing List)
2018-08-04 13:11:12 UTC

India Against Corruption

India forging ahead inspite of media and politicians

Most people in India think that except for a few rare ones , all the other
politicians in India to whichever party they belong to are dishonest and
corrupt. These politicians come to public life at various levels ,
claiming that they want to serve the public cause. But, in effect, their
focus is on getting into power or get government contracts and amassing
money by foul means.

People also think that media in India are no more honest and except a few
journalists most of the others have no honest commitment to journalistic
ethics and values. Most of the media are now in the hands of business
houses and politicians and are now for sale.

In a country of 130 crore people, if there would be a rape case in one
corner of India, media makes it a national news. Only the behavior of the
worst of the politicians, misdeeds oi cinema actors , corrupt business
men and rapists are highlighted as breaking news.

Good deeds happening in the country do not find place in the media and
such scenario gives an impression that Indian society is now sick , which
is really not so.

There are lakhs of people in India who silently work with honest
intentions and dedications. There are many socially conscious people who
help the poor and downtrodden. There are scientists and technologists who
have made significant achievements.

The problem is we do not hear about these worthy Indians and media is
rarely interested in them.

There are many positive things happening in India and the country is
certainly forging ahead, inspite of these politicians and media.

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