[IAC#RG] Corrupt Mice on the Moon
(too old to reply)
"Sarbajit Roy" (via indiaresists Mailing List)
2018-08-19 17:13:11 UTC
When IAC observed on our mailing list that Shri Modi was akin to a "*corrupt
mouse who roared*
over the Rafale deal, it took the "Opposition" almost 2 years to raise the
matter in Parliament.

IAC hopes those CPM geriatrics shuffle slightly faster up to Parliament to
discuss the latest comedy antics of "*The corrrupt mouse on the moon*

NB: Has anybody else cottoned on that our PM's Chief Financial Advisor(s)
are evidently old British comedy, from the 1960's, film buffs - borrowing
their outrageous ideas for further hilarious sequels to "*The Mouse That
Roared*" to inflict on us ?