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2018-08-06 03:47:34 UTC
Pratapsingh Rane’s recent very demeaning statement against Goans working
abroad is highly condemnable and unpardonable. Does the now rancid and
possibly senile Pratapsingh Rane have to be enlightened that Goans have
excelled themselves in various fields across the World? It is very
disgraceful that such humiliating and senseless comments have been made by
Goa’s longest serving legislator. That over the years he has proved to be a
Political scum is another issue.

And if according to Prataspsingh Rane some Goans overseas are cleaning
toilets, so be it. But they are doing it with all honesty and humility to
earn a living. Unlike Pratapsingh Rane who since 1972 when he was first
elected as MLA to date, over the last 46 years, has been merrily living at
the cost of the State Exchequer having never even spent a paisa on even a
bottle of water or for that matter on a litre of petrol. Less said the
better on how during his first tenure as Chief Minister, Prataspsingh Rane
from his official bungalow in Althinho used to cheerily pop in the evenings
to his neighbour’s house for free shots of Whisky.

For almost half a century Pratapsingh Rane and his family have had a ball
of a time at the State’s expense with him in recent years having even
covertly flirted with the BJP while his son for the glut of Power last year
embracing the Saffron brigade.

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