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"Aires Rodrigues" (via indiaresists Mailing List)
2018-03-26 00:51:02 UTC
Initally after being told that it was food poisoning, we were then told
that it was mild pancreatics and later that it was dehydration with now it
being pancreatitis with no details furnished.

Goa was first told that Manohar Parrikar would be away for two weeks, which
was later raised to four weeks with it further hiked to six and now we are
told that it will be two months. This whole sheer uncalled veil of secrecy
over Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar's health is a matter of concern.
People of Goa are entitled to know the health condition of the Chief
Minister moreso as his medical expenses are being coughed up by the

While the Goa Government claims that Manohar Parrikar is responding well to
the treatment in New York and will be back soon, sources in that New York
hospital point out to the contrary that our Chief Minister's health is in a
very precarious state.

So to clear this very hazy air, will Manohar Parrikar be kind enough to
address the people of Goa through video so that we know the truth. Mr Chief
Minister please speak to the people of Goa through your now much needed
"Mann Ki Baat". We need and are entitled to know nothing but the TRUTH.

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